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10 Things Not To Do!


  1. Long Beach ElectricianDon't Disregard Product Labels! If a lamp or fixture is rated at 60 watts only use a light bulb at that rating or less. Using a 75 or 100 watt bulb to generate more light will eventually cause the socket to burn up. Do yourself a favor, purchase a fixture with a higher rating.
  2. Avoid Stand-Up Halogen Lamps--especially if you have children or pets. These lamps are never sturdy enough to withstand even the slightest nudge. They tend to fall over easily and the bulbs get particularly hot. If the bulbs come into contact with fabric or paper, the potential for fire is huge.
  3. Extension Cords Are a Temporary Solution. Just because an extension cord gets the job done, don't fool yourself into thinking you're powered up for the long haul. Most cords are flimsy and not intended for use with anything other than a pencil sharpener. Be smart and be safe--add an outlet (receptacle) where needed.
  4. Don't Use Adapters in Receptacles! If you have 2 pronged outlets in your home, replace them immediately. Adapters for your 3 pronged (grounded) lamps, devices and appliances are not the answer. Adapters tend to hang down, due to weight and gravity, causing a dangerous situation. Poorly secured adapters arc (think, lightening) and will lead to fire.
  5. Don't Turn Off All Your Lights While You Sleep! Illuminate the exterior of your home at night. Thieves don't enter well-lit places. Leave a light on to deter break-ins. Don't freak out about your electric bill; invest a few dollars  per year for peace of mind. Motion detectors also scare burglars. 
  6. Replace Battery Operated Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors with Hard Wired Units. We all intend to install new batteries when the old ones begin to chirp. But, honestly this is one task that often goes unfulfilled. Don't wind up with zero protection against the unspeakable. Don't mess with your safety. Install hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  7. Resist Your Best Buddies Offer to Do Your Electrical Work For Free! Your friend may be a terrific accountant, but what qualifies them to install recessed lighting in your daughter's bedroom? ...And next time you need your taxes prepared, go see the 16 year old at the deli!
  8. Don't Ignore That Funky, Burning Smell! Chances are, something is malfunctioning and needs immediate attention.
  9. Don't Cut Corners on a Pool or Spa Installation! Electricity and water were never meant to mix.
  10. Nobody Ever Died in a House Flood. It would take an awful lot of water. If you screw up the plumbing, you'll probably damage the floors and walls; and if a paint job stinks, you'll stare at ugly surfaces. But, if you mess up the electrical work, you're asking for serious and potentially deadly consequences. Don't be foolish--Hire a licensed electrician!!